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Sawdust Drier

Application of sawdust drier:
Sawdust can be used as fuel sawdust besides, still have other uses in the pigsty cushions in sawdust, can make the pigsty become the clean health, and, of pig manure fermentation sawdust mix urine,it is a very good organic fertilizers; Sawdust processed, is a nice and cheap soilless cultivation matrix; Will the sawdust and mixed fermentation of cow dung, can be used as the growing mushrooms of materials; Potted flowers and trees change basin, the use of coal slag mixed with some fine sawdust, again with appropriate point at the end of the dry dung, can be used as the potted flower nutritional soil, nursery stock in exchange for the damage in the basin the roots would soon resume; In addition, the sawdust can also be used to cultivate edible fungus, production chicken feed, hand-made charcoal, etc, in building materials and extensive use.

Sawdust Drier--Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co.,Ltd

Sawdust dryer to show powders, wet sawdust, using screw conveyor will join the continuous dry tube. In the transfer of heat flow and dispersed, make wet materials in the water evaporation, get the powder or granular dry product process. Mainly by air heater, and bar, air dry tube, cyclone separator, fan etc.

Sawdust Drier--Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co.,LtdSawdust Drier--Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co.,Ltd

Features of sawdust dryer:

  1. dry strength as the materials in the air of a highly decentralized, all of the surface area is extremely dry grain of effective area.
  2. the drying time is short
  3. air dryer structure is simple, cover an area of an area small, easy to build and repair.
  4. large quantity and high thermal efficiency. When dry the combine, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%.

Sawdust dryer:including heat furnace, charging hopper, rotating cylinder, filter canister, conveying pipe, cooling tube and the material mouth, rotating cylinder is located in active roller, active wheel by motor and slow transmission speed rotating cylinder driving rotation, born to a hot stove and rotating cylinder with between feeding port, rotating cylinder with stirring leaf, rotating cylinder and filter cartridges in 4 connected place with flap, flap to open a small holes, filter cartridges and rotating cylinder connected at one end, and the other end and conveying pipe connected, filtering cylinder block set piece, filter the bottom of the tube with slag discharge hole, cooling tube end through the blower and conveying pipe connected, the other end of the material mouth linked.

Sawdust Drier--Henan Dashan Mountain Machinery Co.,Ltd

Due to the above structure, so the sawdust can rotate in the cylinder for fully drying, and in conveying pipe into the sawdust again before fully spread out, make moisture to evaporate fast, block piece of the impurity in the sawdust can be blocked, ensure the conveying pipe into the sawdust quality. Sawdust into the wood in the dryer by spray wind and rotary cylinder common function, and the material in the fluidization boiling in the cylinder, hot air and material full touch, complete dry.

Application of sawdust dryer:
Gas flow sawdust dryer is widely used in straw press block fuel, charcoal, machinery, wood chip pellet fuel, sawdust press block, farming and animal husbandry engineering industry. Such as corn straw drying, soybean straw drying, cotton straw drying, wheat straw drying, stem sorghum drying, drying, paring wood drying, sawdust drying, ginkgo biloba drying, mulberry leaves drying of agricultural cellulose materials.

Main technical parameters of sawdust dryer:

Model Rotor diameter (mm) Length of drum(m) Inclination (o) Speed (r/min) Weight (t) Power (kw) Volume (m3)
Ф0.6×8 Ф600 8 3-5 8 5.1 4 2.26
Ф0.8×10 Ф800 10 3-5 7.2 6.9 4 5.02
Ф1.0×10 Ф1000 10 3-5 6.73 7.5 5.5 7.85
Ф1.2×12 Ф1200 12 3-5 5.8 13.1 11 13.31
Ф1.5×12 Ф1500 12 3-5 4.8 22.3 15 21.2
Ф1.8×14 Ф1800 14 3-5 3.2 45.8 30 48.22
Ф2.2×1.8 Ф2200 18 3-5 3 50.3 37 70.43
Ф2.4×20 Ф2400 20 3-5 2.83 78.4 45 90.43


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